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A “son of Greenville” heads off to college

Alberto Cepeba is going to college. That he has an acceptance letter in hand amazes this 18-year-old Greenville teenager, who will be the first generation of his family to pursue higher education. But Alberto acknowledges he didn’t do this alone. This “son of Greenville” had the advantage of a school system with substantial financial and human resources, but there are some students in South Carolina who aren’t as fortunate as Alberto.

A walk through the halls: How Calhoun County’s schools have given poorer students a chance

Calhoun County sits adjacent to the string of poor, rural school districts that gained notoriety through the 2005 documentary “Corridor of Shame: The Neglect of South Carolina’s Rural Schools.” Calhoun shares in some of that poverty but its educators have found ways to effectively school poor students. The proof is in the report cards issued by the S.C. Department of Education. Take a walk through the halls of Calhoun County High School to see how they’ve done it.